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We continue to push for humane alternatives

People who use drugs continue to face stigma and discrimination in Indonesia. The assignment of a new head of the National Narcotics Agency, Budi Waseso, has brought a host of new challenges. For example, he has plans to build a prison for people on drug-related charges on an isolated island guarded by tigers, piranhas, and […]

A punitive war on drugs is ineffective

Edo: ‘Human rights violations against people who use drugs have increased in Indonesia.’ In a period of one month, eight of my colleagues were caught by the police at a hotspot where drugs are used. In exchange of hefty bribes the police let them go. I also heard of a man who was arrested just […]

We won the Red Ribbon Award 2014

It was a huge surprise! My organisation PKNI won the Red Ribbon Award 2014, the world’s leading award for innovative and outstanding community work in the response to the AIDS epidemic. We did not have any expectations, as we knew the competition was fierce. Almost 1,000 organisations from around the world had been nominated. Ten […]

Ensuring more meaningful involvement of people who use drugs

In Indonesia, the human rights of people who use drugs are often violated. My organisation, the Indonesian Network of People who Use Drugs (PKNI), wants to ensure that these people are aware of their rights. We give them a voice and work on bringing about policy changes. Our ultimate aim is to improve the quality […]

Advocating for a better life for people who use drugs in Indonesia

My name is Edo Agustian. I live together with my children and mother in Bogor, a medium-sized city in Indonesia. Since 2006, I have been working in the civil society sphere, focusing particularly on increasing access to harm reduction services for people who use drugs and advocating for humane, evidence-based drug policies. I first started […]

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