My name is Kisakye. I am a woman of 29 years old. I live in Uganda together with my daughter Nakyi. To earn money I do sex work in Kisenyi, a district in Kampala. Being a sex worker means I have to face many challenges. For example, I find it hard to tell my relatives and friends that I do sex work. I often have the feeling that when people look at me, they see me as a monster and don’t know how I’m really feeling. Every day I go out in the streets and do my best to earn a living to support myself and my child. I don’t earn much and I struggle to save some money at least every month. Nevertheless, many of my friends are jealous of me and do their best to make me fail in my work. I really want to keep my job, because in this way I can take care of my child like other parents who are well-off. Although there are many enemies, I won’t give up.

Before, my situation was really bad. Now I’m much better-off

Fortunately, in Uganda there are a number of organisations that support sex workers in doing their job. For example the Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum – Uganda (HRAPF) promotes respect and observance of human rights, including the rights of sex workers. Another organisation is the Women’s Organisation Network for Human Rights Advocacy (WONETHA Uganda), which is a self-led group that raises sex workers’ awareness of their rights and gives leadership training.

I started my job with the support of my cousin. She helped me enormously. Before, my situation was really bad and now I’m much better-off. I’m able to survive by myself, without help from relatives, friends or anybody. I’m so happy what my cousin did for me. Being a sex worker, I have turned into a better person. Now at least some people respect me because of the way I look. I am proud to be a sex worker, because this job has really changed my life.

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