Thank you to all our 120 (!) Bridging the Gaps partners

Bridging the Gaps is concluding after ten years. Ten years of joint work to end AIDS among key populations. We send a huge thank you to all our 120 partners on country, regional and global level. The work is not yet done and will continue in another form. But without them the successes made and lessons learnt would not have been possible. 

Below some Bridging the Gaps partners share a quote that summarizes what almost a decade of Bridging the Gaps has meant to them:

‘The strong voice from communities of young people who belong to the key populations affected by HIV that speaks out to demand changes in policies for care and support is one of the key results of Bridging the Gaps. This strong voice will continue to shout.’

AFEW International

‘One of the greatest gains is the wide acknowledgement that we can only end the AIDS epidemic when efforts and funding concentrate on the groups most affected: sex workers, people who use drugs, and LGBT people.’


‘We created spaces where staff of organisations focusing on HIV and sexual health, particularly for men who have sex with men and transgender people, were able to meet. Sharing experiences resulted in meaningful learning – why not run a human rights helpline like you run a sexual health helpline? – and referral to each other’s services. All this led to more diverse and stronger LGBT movements.’


‘The investment in networks through Bridging the Gaps has been transformational. It has provided networks with resources to consult with their communities, document what is happening in their lives, and advocate for the health and rights of all. The engagement of people living with HIV in national, regional and global policy discussions pushes those in positions of power to listen harder and act faster to achieve meaningful impact.’

Georgina Caswell, Head of Programmes, GNP+, South Africa

‘It was very important for us to employ all kinds of tools to further promote changes in legislation on sex work. That is why we have a huge range of resources with evidence, analysis and articles on the impact of different approaches to regulating sex work around the world. We use these resources at the national level with decision-makers and in the Country Coordinating Mechanism to change HIV prevention programmes with sex workers. Without these tools, it would be much more difficult for us to advocate for change.’

Nataliia Isaieva, Director Legalife Ukraine

‘It’s not only the meaning of words, but also understanding the cultures, the environments, and the social norms that communities are facing. Speak the language that the communities can understand in terms of the interpretation.

Doan Thanh Tung, Director Lighthouse, at the HIV2020 Conference, Vietnam

‘Thanks to Bridging the Gaps, we were able to unite and improve the health and rights situation of people who use drugs around the globe. That is important and beautiful.’


‘The Bridging the Gaps programme has enabled a global advocacy network like MPact to leave a solid footprint at the country level in every region of the world. This helped sharpen MPact’s global-level strategies and allowed us to realise several advocacy wins.’


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