My Name is Rama, I’m 37 years old and I live in Nepal. I have a sweet little daughter, Kabitha, she is 16 months old. Until she was eleven months old, I breastfed her. But I was terrified that my milk was poisoning my daughter, as I’m living with HIV. I was forced to offer my milk to my child, because I could barely arrange food and provide for other basic necessities for her and myself. My baby used to pierce my breasts with her newly grown teeth and swallow the HIV inflicted blood together with my milk. This risky situation was ticking towards my little girl getting HIV. At that time, my dreadful situation left me with no other choice, and I think that every mother can imagine how bad I felt.

Five years ago I was tested HIV positive. I was infected through my husband, who uses drugs by injecting them. He was reluctant to bear responsibilities, and the stigma associated with HIV further complicated our life. Going to bed with an empty belly was quite common for me at that time. Nevertheless, the chance of transmitting HIV to my child, depressed me most.

I was terrified that my milk was poisoning my daughter, as I’m living with HIV

My life radically changed for me and my daughter when I met people of Youth Vision. The support given by this organisation is really amazing. I received a weeklong residential care service and nutritional support for my child. Currently, Youth Vision is providing me a set of milk and cereals every week. I’m immensely happy about the improvement in my girl’s health. My daughter has gained weight, more teeth have grown, and she has become more active mentally and physically. The substitute for breastfeeding that Youth Vision provides, protects my daughter against HIV transmission.

Although my life is still full of challenges, I’m very thankful towards the people who supported me. They have eased my troubles enormously. Youth Vision, a non-governmental organisation that supports people like me, has acted as a bridge between me and a number of donors. The organisation shared a case study about me among potential sponsors and accumulated cash support for my cause. I feel so relieved, when I compare my current situation to that of the past. I give my blessing to the people who supported me. May God give them wealth, health, peace, and success at work!

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