Kyrgyzstan is about to adopt an “anti-gay law” which is an even tougher version of the Russian so-called “gay propaganda law”. In its first reading on Wednesday 15 October, an overwhelming majority of the Kyrgyz parliament has voted to adopt this law, which, if adopted, will have severe consequences for the human rights of LGBT people, including their right to be healthy. Our Kyrgyz partner organisation LABRYS is seriously concerned about the effects of this law and needs your help to counter it!

About the law

This draft law is directly targeted at limiting the rights of LGBT citizens of Kyrgyzstan to freedom of speech, expression, and peaceful assemblies. It is an almost exact replica of the Russian ‘homosexuality propaganda’ law. The Kyrgyz counterpart proposes introduction of penal and administrative punishment for ‘formation of positive attitudes to non-traditional sexual relations’ with fines and/or imprisonment for up to a year. In its first reading, 79 out of 86 members of the parliament voted in favour of the law. It is expected that in the coming weeks there will be a second and a third reading after which the President Almazbek Atambajev will need to sign the law for ratification.

Catastrophic consequences for the health and rights of LGBT people

For the LGBT communities this draft law will have catastrophic consequences. The level of hate, persecution and violence will rise, because by passing this law the State will be giving ‘permission for violence’. It will also lead to criminalising programmes of HIV prevention, treatment and care, which are connected to LGBT communities, which practically makes the work of our partner LABRYS impossible.

HIV prevention, the main component of which is awareness raising, will be considered a crime.

Nika Yuryeva, LABRYS

Programmes of treatment, care and support for people living with HIV from the LGBT communities will be greatly limited: any support and work with families and closest friends can be qualified as actions criminalized by this draft law.

Join the global flashmob and support the Kyrgyz LGBT community!

  1. Go to the Labrys website:
  2. Download one of the posters
  3. Take a selfie while holding this poster
  4. Post it on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #supportLGBTkg
  5. Spread the word!


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