consensus_statement_thumbThe consensus statement, launched during INPUD’s pre-conference of the International Harm Reduction Conference, focuses on human rights, health, and the law in relation to people who use drugs. The document is informed by the perspective of those who are so catastrophically impacted by global prohibition and by the so-called ‘war on drugs’: people who use drugs themselves.

Of the people, for the people, and by the people who use drugs

INPUD Consultation, Dar es Salaam,Tanzania, 2015

Large numbers of verbatim quotations are included, with this document being driven by the voices of representatives of organisations of people who use drugs. This document highlights the outcomes of the war on drugs. It makes clear that the war on drugs is, in reality, a war on people who use drugs, and a war on the communities in which they live. 

Criminalisation, and the understandings that justify it, have resulted in the rights of people who use drugs being systemically and endemically violated globally. This Consensus Statement not only establishes the context of oppression and human rights violations in which people who use drugs live, but also sets out the imperative changes necessary to mitigate the harms and human rights violations to which they are subject. In short, therefore, each section of this document:

  1. Sets out the current situation of people who use drugs in relation to a specific human right; and
  2. Sets out requirements for this human right to be protected and realised, and for the health and wellbeing of people who use drugs to be prioritised.

This document asserts that people who use drugs are entitled to the recognition of their human rights. This document asserts that the lives of people who use drugs are as valuable as the lives of all others, that their wellbeing and health is as important as that of all others.

This is a statement of essential demands. These demands must be met if the harms experienced by people who use drugs are to be ended. INPUD’s Consensus Statement collates a declaration of rights of people who use drugs. It is around these rights that the Consensus Statement is structured. The Consensus Statement builds on established and recognised human rights, tailoring them to the specific needs of people who use drugs in emphasising the human rights that are most pertinent specifically to them. 

Download the statement here.

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