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As a child I prayed to God to make me like all the other boys. I wanted to be ‘normal’. I would sit in church and pray and make ‘bargains’ with God, that if he made me straight I would be a good boy and serve Him for the rest of my life. I hated myself and thought it was a punishment.

Bradley, Botswana

Bradley took photos to document the struggles he meets in his everyday life as a young MSM in Botswana. Rajesh did the same in Nepal, where people living with HIV face even bigger stigma than people who use drugs. Together with four other community photographers Bradley and Rajesh want to create visibility about the challenges that LGBT, sex workers and people who use drugs encounter and the HIV risks they face. Their work was supported by award winning photographer Chris de Bode. Meet Bradley & Rajesh in person, and talk about their photo stories at the Bridging the Gaps photo exhibition which will be displayed at AIDS2016.

Where: Global Village #721
When: Monday 18 – Friday 22 July

Will you be my partner in ending AIDS?

Bridging the Gaps is represented in the Aidsfonds – STOP AIDS NOW! – Soa Aids Nederland Networking Zone (602). Learn aboutProgramme_NWZ_STOPAIDSNOW_AIDSFONDS_online LEGABIBO’s court case and the progress the law is making towards recognizing and acknowledging LGBT people in Botswana, or discuss with experts like Anke van Dam (AFEW International) and Dawie Nel (OUT Clinic) how to improve access to quality SRHR and HIV information for people who are most affected. Or just come to have some fun. Get dressed in our wedding chapel and commit to ending AIDS together.
Click here to download the full programme of our networking zone.

Where: Global Village #602
When: Monday 18 – Friday 22 July

Bridging the Gaps partner activities at AIDS2016

Bridging the Gaps alliance partners AFEW International, COC, GNP+, INPUD, ITPC, MSMGF and NSWP are also organising many interesting activities at the conference. Download the overview here.

See you in Durban!

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