With this call, Bridging the Gaps sex work project aims to support sex worker-led, civil society organisations and networks with a track record in human rights and/or health programmes for sex workers. This call for proposals directly contributes to the three long term goals:

  1. Strengthened civil society that holds governments to account;
  2. Increased fulfilment of human rights of sex workers;
  3. Improved sexual and reproductive health and rights and fewer HIV infections

Population: female, male and transgender sex workers including sex workers living with HIV

1. Important dates

  • The call opens Wednesday, 1 November 2017
  • The call closes Thursday, 1 March 2018, at 12 am.
  • The earliest start-date for research and development projects is 1 June 2018 and the projects are expected to start during 2018.

Applicants are allowed to submit a maximum of one project proposal per year. Grants for research may be used to fund salaries for researchers, students and technical staff. Funding may be applied for a maximum of two years (24 months).The minimum budget is € 5.000 and the maximum budget per proposal is €25.000.

2.  Who can apply?

Current Bridging the Gaps partners (that have a current funding relationship with either Aidsfonds, NSWP, ITPC and GNP+) with support from the regional networks in the following countries and regions are eligible to apply for a research budget: Eastern Europe and Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine), East and Southern Africa (Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique) and South East Asia (Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam).

Please note that the call is not limited to country research. Grants can be used to study cross-countries or on a regional level, especially if a certain best practice model used in one country is effective/applicable in another country.

3. Requirements

Documents to be included when submitting the proposal

  1. A research proposal (maximal 5 pages), including a detailed plan outlining research questions and methodology, proposed tools and approaches for analysis of data and if needed a clear proposal for a research partnership. Timeline and brief research description (including relevance, objectives and summary of scientific literature).
  2. Motivation letter (1/2 page). Please use the attached application form.
  3. A strategy of future implementation (1/2 page), including a proposed strategy how research findings will be used in future programming.
  4. Financial proposal (Maximum 1 page). Detailed financial proposal, including number of days, salaries of staff involved, daily rate, capacity building activities (if needed), travel costs, and clearly state total amount (incl/excl VAT) with a maximum amount of 25.000 euro.
  5. If applicable, CV’s of research/academic partners to be involved, including past experience in similar research projects including two references (max 3 pages).

Proposals must include all documents requested. Proposals that do not meet the requirements will be rejected. Please use the application form (for required document 1-3) and budget template (for required document 4).

More information?

For more information please contact Lynn Werlich, policy officer Sex Work Programme Aidsfonds: lwerlich@aidsfonds.nl 

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