On Friday November 16 grassroots movements and NGOs worldwide will be silent or put their websites on black. In response to the current global context, in which people around the world are facing increasing attacks on their basic freedoms, and a culture of division which is causing many of us to turn against each other.

The ‘Together we speak’ campaign

November 16 and the following days activists, journalists, bloggers, civil society organisations and NGOs from all over the world unite. The campaign ‘Together we speak’ seeks to address the issue of increasing social and political polarisation and build global solidarity. Friday we are silent, but on 17 & 18 November events around the world will bring people together across lines of division and help to build connection and understanding. At the website of Together We Speak you can find more information about the campaign and which activities are organised worldwide.

Also Bridging the Gaps supports the campaign

Working with key populations who are hit hardest by the hiv epidemic is at the very core of Bridging the Gaps, but these populations are often not seen or heard in their countries. As a consequence they experience barriers to HIV prevention and treatment. Bridging the Gaps calls for inclusion of those who face stigma and discrimination, for them to be heard. They know best how to address the needs of their communities and how to reach them. They belong in the driver’s seat of the international HIV response, if we want to cross that last mile to end AIDS.

Building bridges

Luckily, there are also example stories of how it can be different. Here you can read an example story of how the female PWUD community in Kyrgyzstan has successfully sought collaboration with the Kyrgyz Ministry of Health and reached out to other networks.

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