2019 | ISHTAR: from grassroots organisation to sub-regional capacity development hub

When alliance partner MPact began its Bridging the Gaps partnerships in Kenya in 2012 and started to collaborate with Ishtar, Ishtar was a 3-staff grassroots organisation. They began in 1997 as a group of community members and male sex workers in Kenya, who would convene to discuss the issues that pertained to men who have sex with men in their country. Now over two decades later, they are a central informational and resource hub comprised of 30 staff and 90 peer educators who provide support to LGBTI. They conduct national-level advocacy and offer community-based clinical services. These days Ishtar is seen as a  capacity development hub for MSM organizations across countries in East Africa namely Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda.

Curious on how they did that?

Let this video take you through their story of change and show you that community-led interventions on sexual health work. “The odds were against our formation. The odds were against our continuation. It is [because of] the passion that we have for our community that we have been able to continue to give services to our people.” – Peter Njane, Ishtar Executive Director

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