2019 | Youth Vision: reducing the high HIV prevelance among PWID in Nepal


Since many years, Mainline (through the Bridging the Gaps programme) supported and strengthened the capacity of Nepalese partner Youth Vision to provide quality harm reduction services, research, and lobby efforts in Kathmandu (Nepal). Over the years, Youth Vision developed into a harm reduction expert, playing a significant role in increasing access to harm reduction, but also prevention, testing and treatment of HIV/STI services. Together with other harm reduction efforts in the country, the HIV prevelance among people who use drugs dropped significantly from 20,7% in 2009 to 8,8% in 2017!

Becoming a harm reduction expert

Youth Vision contributed to the reduction of HIV by providing Opioid Substitution Treatment and needles and syringe outreach services to more than 2000 PWIDs in Kathmandu, accompanied by safe injecting training, effective behaviour change communication and social support.  During that time Youth Vision also strengthened as an organisation and professionalised their outreach strategies, systematic data collection, fundraising/communication and financial management. Youth Vision is seen as a harm reduction expert in their field and also support other (non) governmental organisations in providing serivces (like OST) for PWID in Nepal. 

Curious on how they did that? 

Let the video take you through their story, and you will see how Youth Vision became an expert over the years and became successfull to reduce the high HIV prevelance among PWID in Nepal.

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