2019 | Change story 6: LEGABIBO’s role in monitoring access to health care in the wake of decriminalisation.

The High Court of Botswana decriminalised same-sex sex acts on 11 June 2019. LEGABIBO (Lesbians, Gays & Bisexuals of Botswana) filed an affidavit to explain the impact of the criminalisation on LGBT mental health, experiences of violence, and access to healthcare services. LEGABIBO began working with the government, local clinics and the LGBT community to provide weekly sensitivity trainings to healthcare service workers. Decriminalisation allowed LEGABIBO to engage in community-led monitoring of the relationship between the LGBT community and healthcare providers, and to make connections with government health services and local healthcare workers to increase healthcare accessibility for LGBT individuals. LEGABIBO and the Ministry are ensuring that these will be sustainable by facilitating weekly discussions and engaging in needs-assessment processes.

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