As a lesbian woman living in Kyrgyzstan, Tanya is faced with many challenges. “People in my country loathe me, they hate me. And I understand why. They are constantly overloaded with information that homosexuality is immoral and sinful”. Now that the Kyrgyz parliament is planning to adopt an anti-gay propaganda law, the situation is getting worse and worse. The law doesn’t only violate the human rights of all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Kyrgyzstan, it will also have a serious impact on HIV prevention, treatment, care and support in this country. Tanya’s friend Adylet is truly concerned about this.

I will lose most of my friends because they are on treatment now. They will die.


However, if it is up to Tanya and Adylet, this law is not going through. Last December, on Human Rights Day, they both demonstrated against this law in Amsterdam, together with dozens of Dutch LGBT friends. The demonstration was organised by COC Nederland.

The’re wrong and they won’t stop me from loving. I will fight for that.


We cannot sit back and let this homophobic law pass through. Tanya and Adylet need your help to counter this law. Watch the video and spread it as much as you can! For the latest information about this draft law, go to www.labrys.kg

Bridging the Gaps in Kyrgyzstan

The Bridging the Gaps project in Kyrgyzstan is aimed at improving the position of LGBT, amongst others by reducing the HIV risks facing LGBT people through increasing knowledge, changing attitudes and improving health services. This will reduce HIV prevalence among these groups and improve their overall health. Tanya and Adylet both work for LABRYS, which is one of our main partners in this project and which works closely together with COC Nederland. Check also www.hivgaps.org

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